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Stand with Jim Against the Dismantling of the EPA

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As an environmental attorney, protecting people and the environment from the dangers of corporate polluters is my job. I wrote my book, Blindsided, as a wake up call, a summons to send a message to these companies that I’m watching them – like a hawk. If they won’t change their ways on their own, I’ll see to it they will by bringing the fight to their doorstep. Will you join me in this fight?

The EPA is the police force for the environment, and the environmental policies that keep our food, water, and air safe from poisons. Many in Washington are trying to strip the EPA of regulatory muscle.

A weakened EPA puts each one of us in danger and will lead to widespread disaster in the lives of Americans, resulting in devastating maladies from birth defects to cancer.

This isn’t a political matter.
This is not about left or right.
This is a human matter.
It’s about the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe.

Add your name to show your support for a strong EPA or any government agency (state or local) that will commit resources and tools needed to protect you and the environment from corporate polluters.

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