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Blindsided—The True Story of One Man’s Crusade Against Chemical Giant DuPont for a Boy With No Eyes


Blindsided is the riveting true story of Jim Ferraro—a sole-practitioner attorney—
and his spectacular longshot win in the landmark case against chemical manufacturer DuPont.

What is Blindsided About?


Blindsided is Jim’s personal, insider look at how he dedicated ten laborious years—and millions of dollars of his own money—in pursuit of justice for little Johnny Castillo, a boy born without eyes due to his mother’s accidental exposure to a dangerous chemical.


Armed with only his own wits and determination, Jim took on the best lawyers corporate money could buy, demonstrating great legal acumen to win the case for his clients. Blindsided is an enthralling modern-day David vs. Goliath story.

Who is it for?


Blindsided is a story for anyone who enjoys an inspirational crusade against injustice. It is a story tale of triumph amidst tragedy, and it is a story book for anyone who strives for hope rather than settle into despair. It is a story look at human beings at their best, and their worst. This is a true life story of fighting for what is right, without counting the costs.

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